Frequently asked questions

How much does a FLOAT subscription cost?

The cost of the flight is dependent on the airports from which the route will originate and terminate, the distance between the airports, and the local fees and charges for each airport.

What happens to my flight when it rains?

Flights will still take off on rainy days. Trips may take a little longer (i.e. 25 minutes instead of 15 minutes) due to the weather conditions, because pilots will be flying under different flight rules. In rainy weather, our pilots will be operating by the rules set by the FAA for that kind of weather, known as "instrument flight rules" (IFR). These flights can take longer than flights under the rules for flying in good weather, known as "visual flight rules" (VFR). Freeway traffic slows down when it rains, and air traffic does the same.

What happens if I miss my flight?

Unexpected things happen in life, but to be considerate of the rest of the passengers on the flight, each flight must leave on time. The situation might be very similar to if you were to miss your train, you'd be responsible for arranging alternate transportation in that unfortunate situation.

What if I know I'm going to miss work because of sickness, vacation day or personal time-off?

If you know in advance that you will not be FLOAT-ing to work on a certain day, you can offer up that seat for resale in our system. We may be able to give you a small credit applied to your next subscription payment, if the seat is sold.

Can I just buy a single-trip ticket?

Yes. But flights during the core commuting hours of 5:30-9:30am and 4-7pm are reserved primarily for daily commuter subscribers. Although when a subscriber is sick or on vacation, they may put up their seat for resale in our ticketing system. Single-trip tickets can be purchased from the app.