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  • Early Bird Pricing is offered at a guaranteed $1250 a month (Monday to Friday travelers) from any airport in our service area.
  • There are 1000 spots with this guaranteed early bird pricing.
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  • The $100 will be applied to your first month when FLOAT is ready.
  • You can refund your deposit at any time.

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FLOAT (FLy Over All Traffic)

FLOAT (FLy Over All Traffic) was the business idea of Arnel Guiang and Tom Hsieh. After we did a little business development, we brought on Rob McKinney after a couple of weeks. We envisioned building an air shuttle route to cross Los Angeles in minutes.

We saw that smaller general aviation airports are under utilized and mainly used as parking locations for private pilots. In the future, we see multiple routes in the future covering traffic zones in metro areas world wide. We see the general aviation airport used as a hub of movement in the same way as a train station so we people can get across town.

We also see this as an opportunity to grow the small airport community. Hopefully restaurants and business will find residency near all these routes as more air commuter traffic rises.