FLOAT to launch groundbreaking, gridlock-busting short-distance daily commuter flights in Southern California this December

La Verne, CA (November 12, 2019) – FLOAT (Fly Over All Traffic), an innovative and groundbreaking commuter flight service debuting in the Los Angeles market, is seeking long-distance driver input for December trial routes and desired bookings for full-service Monday through Friday routes beginning in January.

"FLOAT is shattering the myth that sitting in hours of traffic every day is a necessary and unavoidable way of life in Southern California," said Arnel Guiang, co-founder and CEO of FLOAT. "We live in a rapidly-evolving society of intense time management and instant gratification, and business professionals and their superiors are quickly realizing that spending hours in traffic is cutting into their productivity and work/life balance."

Since FLOAT announced the new airborne commuting programs earlier this year, there has been tremendous interest from drivers dubbed "Super Commuters". These are people driving more than 90 minutes in a car daily, wasting hours of their lives behind the wheel in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and spending more money on skyrocketing gas prices.

FLOAT is currently looking for route requests from commuters by entering their daily work drive here: https://www.floatshuttle.com/sign-up-float.

Some of the higher-density areas where FLOAT is seeing demand for routes include the westside of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and the Inland Empire - densely populated areas of Southern California that can take commuters hours to travel between.

"With the high cost of living, more Southern Californians are finding nice homes at attractive prices in the suburbs outside of thriving businesses locations, which leads people to lengthier commutes," Guiang added. "Carpool and vanpool options are only shaving a few minutes off these commutes, and these lengthy commutes are cutting into people's quality of life. FLOAT not only benefits the individual driver or passenger, but also corporations looking to establish cost-effective and time-effective transportation opportunities for work teams."

FLOAT is entering agreements with providers and general aviation airports. Currently, the groundbreaking service can leverage nearly 40 airports across Southern California. Pricing and routes vary, and the service will operate daily Monday through Friday.