FLOAT (Fly Over All Traffic) Offering Media and Business Customers In-flight Tours of Revolutionary Transportation Alternative in Southern California

La Verne, CA (December 11, 2019) – FLOAT (Fly Over All Traffic), an innovative and groundbreaking commuter flight service debuting in the Los Angeles market, is offering local reporters and journalists the opportunity to test out the groundbreaking new commuter service that will restore work/life balance to so-called Supercommuters.

"Since we announced our innovative commuter solution, thousands of frustrated drivers have reached out to us in search of routes that would end their nightmare commutes," said FLOAT co-founder Arnel Guiang. "We want the media to experience the ease and comfortability of a FLOAT commute, and we welcome them to come on board for takeoff!"

FLOAT is a revolutionary, one-of-kind aviation commuter solution for Supercommuters - those driving at least 90 miles to and from work - in Southern California. Leveraging a network of nearly 40 airports across Southern California, FLOAT will help extract people from some of the busiest freeways in the world. Pricing and routes vary, and the service will operate daily Monday through Friday, as well as charter midday and weekend flights.

The test flights will be held Thursday, December 11th, out of Santa Monica Airport, and Friday, December 12th, out of Brackett Field in La Verne.

FLOAT also is excited to announce charter service to Big Bear, and they will make their planes available for media and others at Big Bear Airport on Saturday, December 13th.

"Southern Californians have an adventurous spirit - one where you can spend the weekends going from the beach to the slopes on the same day, but the drive - while not long in terms of miles - can be excruciating with many travelers spending a hours going bumper-to-bumper on the three arteries in and out of Big Bear, Guiang said. "Our charter service offers an affordable option for people who want to hit the slopes and head home without committing hours to the commute before and after they slip in and out of their bindings."

To learn more about FLOAT's charter service to Big Bear, we invite people to continue monitoring FLOAT's website: https://www.floatshuttle.com

For media interested in taking an in-flight tour for their stories, please contact FLOAT's Marketing Advisor, Lisa Walker, via email at Lisa@FloatShuttle.com.