SAN DIEGO — Everyone gets frustrated sitting in rush hour traffic, but if you could, would you fly over it?

A new service in called FLOAT will make it possible next year.

Montgomery will be one of the locations passengers will be able to fly out of when FLOAT starts service.

FLOAT, which stands for, fly over all traffic, hopes to cut daily commute from hours to just minutes.

FLOAT's founder and CEO is Arnel Guiang, who graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in computer engineered. When he entered the work force, he endured two-hour commutes until a friend gave him a ride on a private plane, cutting the time to just 15 minutes.

"We are not looking to do this for really rich guys. We just want to find the guy or the girl that's commuting every day [and] save them hours of time per day. Our goal is to fly over all traffic, so you are not stuck on the five or the 805 anymore," said Guiang.

The service is taking flight at smaller airports in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Each plane has room for nine people, each person paying a base price of $1,250 per month, which breaks down to about $30 to $45 a day.

FLOAT plans to be up and running in Southern California as early as the second week of January. Currently.